Meet Our Team

Rena Thompson, our Executive director, has been with the Cafe since October 2019. She brings experience with nonprofit leadership, program development, trauma advocacy, and substance use disorder services. Rena is a hands-on director and can be seen supporting Members and Guests, in a Recovery Circle, working on a grant, strategizing for Program and Café development, or completing various projects around the Café and community.

Heidi Coons, a Recovery Support Specialist, has a wonderfully calm presence that is welcome in the Cafe. She joined our team in May 2021. Heidi can be seen helping Members and Guests, leading crafts, and teaching us new skills for self-help recovery!

Shelby Roskie, our Barista and Recovery Support, is always smiling and serving up specialty coffee drinks for us. She also joined our team in May 2021 after completing the Recovery Coach Academy so she can better help others!

Anthony, our Administrative Resource Specialist, is a great asset for navigating resources available to our Members and Guests. He works diligently to make sure our data is correct and up-to-date and provides services as a Recovery Coach!

Ash Hawkins, our amazing chef, joined our team in June 2021. She brings over 10 years of self-taught skills, a bright smile, and an awesome personality. She has also become a Recovery Coach since joining our team!

Rena Thompson

Rena Thompson

Executive Director

(360) 208-8018

Our Board of Directors

Carrie Ching


Pierce County Health Department

Alexa Eisenbrath


Orting United Methodist Church Pastor

Anthony Kagochi


Orting Community and Metal Health/Substance Use Counseling

Rose Tracy


Orting Community and Pierce County Court System

Pamm Silvers


Community Connections

Joseph Denton


We are an Emerging Member of the

Recovery Café Network