Orting Standing Together on Prevention (OSTOP)

A Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) Coalition

Our mission is to cultivate a healing community for those impacted by life challenges through community prevention and wellness initiatives.

About CPWI

The Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) is a strategic, data-informed, community coalition model aimed at preventing youth alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opioids, and other drug use by targeting prevention efforts in the highest risk communities throughout the state. The CPWI model uses a data-informed, community-level decision making process to determine root social and emotional causes that predict problem behaviors. CPWI provides community coalitions with funding, training and technical assistance for coordination, assessment, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation of prevention services needed in their communities.

We Hope to Address

Vaping / E-Cigarette Use

Opioid / Rx Drug Misuse / Abuse

Marijuana Misuse

The Process

Strategic Planning:

Using assessments conducted in our community and state, the coalition develops a strategic plan for prevention in our community.

Develop Partnerships:

In order to implement the strategic plan, the coalition must develop partnerships in the community to grow our capacity to prevent substance misuse long term.


Then, it is time to implement our strategic plan with our community partners!


Finally, the coalition will evaluate its effectiveness, and measure whether the coalition has met its goals outlined in the strategic plan. The coalition will report on our work to the wider community.

We are an Emerging Member of the

Recovery Café Network