Recovery Navigator Program

Recovery is a journey defined by you

Who we are:

A community support program with case managers that will help you obtain your needs and support you in navigating all the various systems like Benefits, mental health, medical, case management support, housing assistance, transportation, food assistance, clothing vouchers, utility assistance, Driver’s License, help with obtaining employment, or enrolling in school and so much more!

Who we serve:

We serve people who have been failed by traditional approaches in care In Ease Pierce County.  Our philosophy of less harm, more time, more care, and more adaptability increase the potential that people see possibilities in recovery from substance use, no matter how entrenched they may be. We offer access to medication-assisted therapy, health and safety resources, food, housing, legal advocacy, job training, treatment and other services as needs are identified.

Chartered by responsiveness in caring for people who live with not yet managed behavioral health needs, we recognize that many people have deep experiences of trauma, cognitive disabilities, persistent poverty and often lifelong experiences of marginalization, betrayal, perceived failure, and harsh punishment.

What we do:

This program is for any individual that is not able to progress in the way that they want due to various issues including substance use, homelessness, low income, court involvement, and other social and emotional issues. In order to overcome these barriers, we provide the following services:

  • Case Management
  • Referrals
  • Outreach
  • Basic Needs Support
  • Transportation Assistance

This program exists to remove barriers to care:

Recovery Navigator program is designed to meet people where they are, especially those who are not well-served by standard office culture. Recovery Navigators/Case Managers are peers who serve the community in the community and outside of appointment-setting, office-bound and time-framed structures. We exist to remove barriers to care.

Contact Us:

Phone: 253-268-9347


We are an Emerging Member of the

Recovery Café Network