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Recovery Cafe Orting Valley is a membership-based organization. We do allow individuals to be a guest for the day but hope that they will join as a Member. Membership is always free.

To learn more about our services, please call and set up an appointment with one of our welcoming team members.

The Café is a place of healing and support for all individuals. We welcome all who are impacted by life challenges, such as homelessness, substance use, violence, and mental health concerns. Everyone is in recovery from something, and everyone is welcome.

Recovery Cafe Orting Valley offers opportunities for healing and support for all individuals. We have something for everyone, including the loved ones of individuals.


To be a Member, we ask that individuals be drug and alcohol-free for 24-hours, attend assigned Recovery Circle, give back to the recovery community, and work toward practicing our Guiding Principals.

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How is Recovery Cafe Orting Valley Continuing through Covid-19

Recovery Cafe Orting Valley continues to provide vital services to our local community during the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” and “Safe Start” orders. We continue to connect with our Members via phone and Zoom Meetings and offer much-needed support and unconditional love. We are also here to help Guests who are in need of support

Recovery Café Network Hosts 1st Rendezvous

Recovery Café Network brings together Recovery Cafés from around the Nation for Rendezvous 2018, the first such gathering Last Thursday and Friday, the Recovery Café Network (RCN) hosted Recovery Cafés from across the United States for its inaugural Rendezvous conference. Recovery Cafés from Washington, D.C.; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Jose, California; and Everett, Spokane, Tacoma,


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Recovery Circle

Open to all individuals seeking support and community.


Join us at 5:30pm on Thursdays before Recovery Circle at 6pm!

Recovery Cafe Orting

113 Varner Ave SE, Orting, WA, 98360


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